Trudeau was prepared to shake the Trump.

Donald Trump learned the meaning of the word Strong in True, North, Strong and Free at the hands of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when they met in Washington yesterday. Donald Trump’s handshake technique, meant to show his dominance by pulling his co-shakee off balance, failed to achieve its goal with our masterful Mr. Trudeau. Trudeau was prepared for this tactic and met the Donald as the master in each of his attempts.

This was good but I think it would have been funnier if the taller Justin had offered a high-five. Donald Trump would have been there, red-faced and jumping with his little hand flailing in the air trying to make contact. Oh, good times.

I hope they don’t declare war on us now.

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7 years ago

Since Donald didn’t make any huge gaffes during this visit, they now need to start calling Justin the “Trump Whisperer”. Gifting Trump with a picture of Trump was the perfect counter to the world’s most powerful narcissist. Well played, Canada. Well played. You’d expect Trudeau to be able to handle Trump, since Justin WAS a high school teacher. Of course, that might he’s overqualified for the job.