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Canadians Are So Nice

Recently, I witnessed a true example of Canadian patience and diplomacy. I don’t know much about Councillor Josh Matlow but I sure know this: he knows how to keep it together. In a debate with the current Toronto Super-Mayor Rob “Subway” Ford over a subway extension, Ford argued staunchly that subways were way better than LRTs. As the debate progressed, Councillor Matlow began an investigation into whether Ford even knew what an LRT was.

Using his best Columbo skills, he managed to discover nothing. Because his mic was turned off and, like a noble manatee, Ford managed to swim back and forth away from the question. Ford did vaguely utter that an LRT was a Streetcar line like the St.Clair right-of-way. But while he never once acknowledged that he didn’t actually know what an LRT was, he did prove one thing: ¬†Josh Matlow could keep his cool and refrained from running across the room and choke Rob “Bike Lane” Ford!

When the dust cleared, city council voted 28 – 16 in favour of the subway extension. I am confident that Doug Ford has explained to little brother what an LRT is by now so now he will be able to answer Josh Matlow confidently that and LRT is not like St.Clair, it is like Queen Street.

Here are some situations where politicians could have used some of Councillor Josh Matlow’s reserve.

Indian Parliament…

…And Jordan…

…And while this one in the States might not involve politicians, it’s still over a very important issue – Maple Syrup…


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