CCT Always Needs Things

CanadianCultureThing is always on the lookout for interesting source material.

Do you have any great old family photos that feature things of Canadian cultural significance? Sports, vacations, etc. We’re also always looking for old tourism magazines, pamphlets, postcards, comic books and newspapers from 50’s or older, original art, drinking glasses, pennants, postcards, books, beavers, Mounties, Moose, anything item that is amazing – and Canadian.

Just think, you might have a box of this kind of stuff in your attic or garage and it could be like gold (not equal in value, of course, not even close. But metaphorically speaking: gold-like).

Things of most interest include:

  • Canadian girls, Pin-ups, Pageants or on the beach!
  • Large Letter (illustrated Letters) postcards that feature Canadian places.
  • Canadian icons: Flags and Beavers.
  • Popular Culture: Hockey, curling, winter sports scenes.
  • Celebrity sitings: Photos, programmes and/or posters of events such as Elvis, The Beatles, Levon and the Hawks, David Clayton Thomass and the Shays, John and Lee and the Checkmates in Canada. Anything from Elvis Costello or the Rolling Stones at the El Mocambo would be great.
  • We especially want Sasquatch, Ogo Pogo or other Mythical Creatures. Ephemera would be great but Photos of these creatures in their natural habitat would be awesome.

We are interested in buying these items or sometimes just reproducing them.

If you have some great Canadiana and would like to help CanadianCultureThing keep going or you just want to know more.

Contact us.

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Etty Hathaway
11 years ago

Hello CCT,

We’re in the throes of preparing for a film we hope to produce in spring 2013, a WWII-era dark comedy that we hope will define a new genre of Canadiana film and help promote Canadian history (see trailer/info at:!current/cfav). We are using a lot of great vintage Canadian ephemera, from coronation shot glasses to old Hudson’s Bay coats.

Thought you might be interested to know … feel free to contact if you want to find out more info.

Thanks for your work!