The K.D. Lang 2013 Canadian Music Hall of Fame Inductee speech at the Junos.


This year K.D. Lang was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and at the 2013 Juno Awards while circling Anne Murray, she addressed the audience with this patriotic speech:

“…I think the fact that I’m standing here receiving this award actually says more about Canada than it does about me. Because only in Canada could there be such a freak as K.D. Lang receiving this award. Only in Canada could there be people like Stompin’ Tom Connors and Rita MacNeil. So, I am here to tell you, my friends and countrymen, that it is OK to be you. It is OK to let your freak-flag fly and embrace the quirkmeister that’s inside all of us. And I’m not even just talking about artists, I’m talking every single person in this nation has the right to be themselves. Live life! Go team, go! I love you Canada. Thank you so much.”

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