Captain Canuck webisode #1

The first webisode of the new animated series featuring Canadian super-hero Captain Canuck has launched. Crowd-funded through Indiegogo, Captain Canuck features the voices of Kris Holden-Reid as Captain Canuck, Tatiana Maslany as Redcoat, our CCT friend the beautiful Laura Vandervoort as Bluefox (she’s a fox in any colour)and Paul Amos as Mister Gold. Created by our friend Richard Comely and Ron Leischman, Captain Canuck first appeared in print in 1975.

Cover of Captain Canuck #1 (1975) CCT0031
Cover of Captain Canuck #1 (1975) CCT0031


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William Hunter
10 years ago

I’ll have to check this out. Welcome back, Cap!