Toronto is Cracking Up

Mayor Rob Ford is finding that the top job at city hall isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

Temporary Toronto Mayor Rob Ford poses for Miami police for impromptu photo-op Feb. 15, 1999.

Blurred vision…Everything goes fuzzy…It’s a Rob Ford Flashback!

On February 15th, 1999 Rob Ford was out for a little Valentines Day partying in Miami, Florida. Because Mr. Ford believes that laws are only suggestions, he squeezed in behind the steering wheel.  Today, we all know how much Rob Ford likes to multi-task while driving and on this particular occasion he decided to drive while also being completely stoned and drunk. Ford in his reefer madness drew the attention of Miami Police as he drove north on N.E. 3rd Ave without any lights. When a Miami Police officer pulled Ford’s Ford over, Rob appeared nervous stepped out of the vehicle, threw his hands in the air and shouted, “Go ahead, take me to jail!”

Rob Ford became belligerent, taking his money out of his pocket and threw it on the ground. It would seem that Ford was lucky that he didn’t get charged with attempting to bribe a law enforcement officer. As the investigation continued Police say Rob Ford acted nervous and the officer could clearly smell alcohol on his his breath and noted that his eyes were bloodshot. Rob failed his drunk test.

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The officer then performed a search and lo and behold, Mr. Ford had himself a fat (as well as flat and whimpering) joint in his back pocket. Rob Ford had his request fulfilled and he was taken to jail.

Flash-forward to the mayoral race of 2010…

Rob dirty little secret found it’s way into the light, as scandalous behaviour on the public record does during an election. During the election Rob Ford held a press conference where he told reporters, “I had completely forgotten about it until you mentioned it right now. You think I’m BS-ing you, but I’m not. It completely, totally slipped my mind.” It seemed like a ridiculous explanation, but remember he was really high and drunk at the time. He added that, “the reason I forgot about the marijuana charge…is because that same evening, I was charged with failing to give a breath sample.” Rob Ford was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Ford posted a $1,500 bail and then pleaded no contest. He paid a $664.75 fine, was barred from driving in the State of Florida and was ordered to complete 50 hours of community service which was served by volunteering with the Toronto Express, the private summer football team he had been coaching since 1997 anyway. No one seemed to know anything about the public service including his brother Doug.

Remember kids: This could be you…and then a year and a half later you could be a city councillor.

Flash-forward to 2013…

Whether it’s being charged with assault after a hockey game when he was 18 or being charged with assault and uttering death threats after his wife phoned the police in 2008, being caught on tape urging a sick man to score painkillers on the street, claiming that gays and needle users are likely to get AIDS, that the “Orientals” are “taking over” and that although his heart bleeds when cyclists are killed, that “it’s their own fault at the end of the day” (especially on Jarvis Street, right Mayor Ford?), what a ride it’s been! We must remember how Ford describes himself: “I am not perfect. I have never claimed to be perfect.”

That imperfection is why a claim of Rob Ford being a crack-user is believable. We need our leaders to be held to a high standard, we deserve that. We need leaders who face challenges and strive to overcome them, not be so weak and to show our world-class city to be run by a buffoon like Rob Ford. What does that say about us? It says that we don’t demand a great leader. It says that we’re satisfied with a drunk-driving leader, a cell-phone talking while driving leader, a road-raging while driving leader, a death-threat uttering leader, a homophobic leader, a racist leader, a move-me-to-the-top-of-the-list-and-fix-the-roads-near-my-dad’s-party kind of leader, an anti-cyclist leader a leader who commits conflict of interest and nothing happens to him and a leader who prioritizes a football team he coaches ahead of running the city.

It doesn’t matter if he used, uses or even deals crack. It really doesn’t. We don’t need more to base our decision. What we need, what we deserve is a leader who is sculpted out of bronze instead butter.

Here’s what’s being said about us internationally…


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  1. Mandy Moore says:

    When you put it all together like this you’re right–we don’t need the crack rumors to be true to say we deserve better than this guy.

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