Canadian 2014 Olympic Score: Day 8


I missed a couple of days of score keeping because the Olympics wouldn’t be considerate of my flu and kept going while I couldn’t – sheesh! Luckily, Canada decided to ease off on the medal winning so it wouldn’t look like I was shirking my responsibility.

Nothing happened on Day 6 and then Patrick Chan won another Silver in Men’s Free Skate, bringing his personal total to a pair of Silver Medals destined to be some bad-ass cuff-links.

An honourable mention goes out to the Men’s Hockey Team who delivered one heluva third period against the U.S. I tuned into the game a few minutes into the third with the Americans up 1-0 and then BAM! Canada showed them the rockets red glare!

Day 8:

Today on the other hand, not only did my flu subside, but Denny Morrison won a Bronze Medal in Men’s 1500m Speed Skating. Like Patrick Chan, Denny could make some cuff-links as well but I think he’d be better or winning another so he’ll have a matching pair.

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