Rob Ford, Toronto’s temporary mayor.

Really, in defense of Rob Ford, (Toronto’s temporary mayor), he can’t be expected to be present at the Gay Pride Parade because he has a prior and immovable engagement shackled to that particular weekend. Unfortunately, when he won the Toronto mayoral race to this journalists bewilderment, he hadn’t counted on the Gay Pride Parade falling on the same weekend as his “family weekend”. This has been a Ford-Family-Trip-to-the-Cottage tradition dating back to 2010 and he has been looking forward to it all week. When asked why he wasn’t going to attend the parade the sort-of mayor responded in a nervous, sweaty and guilty-looking way: “One day at a time.”

Perhaps Rob Ford was nervous, perhaps he was tired or perhaps he was just sore from his “preparations” for his alleged retreat. An insider on the Private Ford Retreat Getaway guest list sent some pictures from last years “retreat” and we at Canadian Culture Thing would like to share them with you. Please keep an open mind because we Canadians must set an example of tolerance in this age of enlightenment. In the same way this beautiful and tolerant nation offered their necks to a party who’s leader may actually be Nosferatu, (but that is OK), Torontonians elected Rob Ford to say “look kids,  anyone can grow (and grow) up to be mayor…we don’t discriminate”.

Taken during the daytime hula festivities of “Retreat” 2010.
Later in the evening after Mistress Rob had hung up her coconuts. Ford Retreat 2010.

When asked if he might try to make things right with the gay and lesbian community on his return, Rob Ford responded: “Sure. Sure I will. I’m planning on going to one of those things when two guys or two chicks exchange rings. I think it’s like a wedding or something. Someone told me what they call it…ask me later. I’m also planning something a little special with the Maple Leafs, all of them but there’s like twenty of them. But I’m just going to take it one day at a time, one day at a time.”

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