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Trudeau was prepared to shake the Trump.

Donald Trump learned the meaning of the word Strong in True, North, Strong and Free at the hands of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when they met in Washington yesterday. Donald Trump’s handshake technique, meant to show his dominance by pulling his co-shakee off balance, failed to achieve its goal with our masterful Mr. Trudeau. Trudeau was prepared for this tactic and met the Donald as the master in each of his attempts.

This was good but I think it would have been funnier if the taller Justin had offered a high-five. Donald Trump would have been there, red-faced and jumping with his little hand flailing in the air trying to make contact. Oh, good times.

I hope they don’t declare war on us now.

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Yoga Hosers: Mr. Smith Goes to Canada.

yogahosers-harleyquinnsmith-lilyrosedepp Here’s a favour to everyone. Watch this trailer and feel like you’ve now seen it without having to endure the entire film. This diaper load from writer-director Kevin Smith might be less offensive than Argo because it doesn’t spoof Canadian heroes, just hosers, but that’s not saying much. Like many films of the deep dark past when white actors played non-white characters, this one pours the American-style beet-sugar, fake maple syrup all over it’s cinematic trojan horse.

Years ago, it was very common for actors like Christopher Lee to play Fu Manchu or Laurence Olivier to play Othello in black-face but there are Canadian actors all over the place! Hollywood is filthy with them, not to mention Canada, where you filmed this. Under closer scrutiny CCT found that not only are the leads not Canadian, there isn’t one Canadian in the cast – not one. What?

cct-mickeyrooneybatThe two young stars unknowingly I’m sure, play roles that nod to the historic racism of Hollywood. Kevin Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith is to Yoga Hosers what Mickey Rooney was to Breakfast at Tiffany’s and for Lily-Rose, I’ll dig into the distant familial past to her father Johnny Depp’s horrific portrayal of Lone Ranger’s partner, Tonto. Lily-Rose Depp’s role as a hapless Canadian teen at least hasn’t completely deconstructed a beloved icon.

the-lone-ranger-johnny-depp-armie-hammerCome on, Mr. Smith, no one needs your Canadian Trilogy. Canadians are masters of comedy and need to be revered as such. This film is too absurd to explain and a viewing of the trailer should be enough.

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Canadian Play Interview with a Demon Opening in Toronto!

No, it’s not another play about Stephen Harper, Ha! Too soon?

Interview with a Demon Banner

Seriously, the world premiere of Interview with a Demon is opening in Toronto.

Demons are people too. At least, they used to be. INTERVIEW WITH A DEMON puts one such diabolical eyewitness on the Hot Seat to explore what really happens in the afterlife.

Bradley Gibb has it all. A beautiful wife, a palatial home in the suburbs and a great job hosting the most popular talk show on television – The Hot Seat With Bradley Gibb. Then, one day, all hell breaks loose – his wife is unexpectedly possessed by a Demon and it looks like he might lose her altogether. Bradley ties her up to wait for the priest when it occurs to him that filming an actual exorcism for The Hot Seat would make for bombshell ratings. But when the exorcist shows up and the demon offers them an exclusive on-camera, no-holds-barred interview, the stakes go through the roof.

Written by Toronto filmmaker and theatre producer Mark Terry, this irreverent comedy will make you rethink everything you ever took as gospel truth (literally or metaphorically!)

Directed by horror-comedy specialist — and Artistic Director of the Beech Street Theatre Company — Michael Khashmanian (Serum for Murder, Franken’s Hyde), Interview with a Demon may play havoc with people’s understanding of Heaven and Hell, God and Satan, life and death – once they stop laughing, that is. “It’s a fascinating and very funny script,” said Khashmanian. “It may challenge your entire belief system.”

The production stars Ryan Graham (The Architect, The Assassins Tale) as ambitious and opportunistic TV personality Bradley Gibb. His wife and The Hot Seat director, Boodle, is played by Vicktoria Adam (Hair, The Nightmare Before Christmas). The Hot Seat’s hapless cameraman Pat Lor is played by Alex Clay (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) while exorcist Father Francis Flanagan is played by John Fitzgerald (The Long Weekend, The Odd Couple).

Special Guest and Canadian comedy legend Seán Cullen voices the Producer of The Hot Seat, the all-powerful ‘Tom’. Cullen (Murdoch Mysteries, The Producers and Corky and the Juice Pigs) is a multi-talented performer, a triple Gemini and Canadian Comedy Award winner, a Dora nominee, and an award-winning author.

B.SMART Producers Abigail Pinto Correia and Boyan Stergulc discovered the script in Cannes, France during the 2014 MIPCOM television market and immediately optioned its film rights. They are producing this stage version as part of its journey towards becoming a full feature film. “The play is hilarious and thought-provoking at the same time,” said Pinto Correia. “Intelligent comedies are hard to come by.”

Playwright Mark Terry is perhaps best known as an environmental documentary filmmaker (The Polar Explorer), but has returned to his theatre roots with this inter-dimensional exposé of the hereafter.

The Alumnae Theatre Mainspace
70 Berkeley St, Toronto
Preview Tuesday Nov 10 7:30pm
Show Opens November 11 – November 15 7:30
Matinee performance Sunday Nov 15 at 3:00pm

Tickets available at Valhalla Cards 791 Queen Street West, Toronto (416) 203-6328
$25 each, Preview Night $15 each.

Tickets are also available at and at the door.

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Twitter @TheDemonTalks
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