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Superman the SuperCanuck!

Joe Shuster was a Canadian comic book artist who co-created Superman for DC Comics, with writer Jerry Siegel. Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 in June of 1938 and then made his second appearance in Superman #1.

Action cover 1


Joe Shuster

Think of just how Canadian Superman is.

  • He immigrated to Earth and was welcomed.
  • His alter-ego is very polite.
  • Metropolis is Metropolitan Toronto.
  • He works at the Daily Planet which is the Daily Star (Today the Toronto Star).
  • His girlfriend is a Female star reporter which would be far more likely in Canada in the 1930’s who was considerably more progressive.
  • Also, Superman’s weakness for the Kryptonite is similar to Margaret Trudeau’s weakness for Rolling Stones.



joe-shuster, comic table




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Winter is Exciting!


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The CNE Midway, Freaky and Fabulous!

It’s been about a hundred years since the days of the pictures below, and it occurred to me that while people once flocked to the Midway to see Freaks and Curiosities, people now flock there to eat deep-fried butter and snickers bars, the Freak-Foods of the modern age. Having said that, it also seems strange that people would pay money to see obese people. Today, one would simply need to look through the crowds at the CNE, at the games, in theĀ deep-fried line-ups to see many people just as large as the stars of Johnny J. Jones’ Congress of Fat People. Perhaps as a public service, the CNE should bring back the Sideshow.

CCT0005 CNE, Toronto c1913. Johnny J. Jones presents the Congress of Fat People (above) at the Midway. The “Congress” cast (below) featuring Big Boss Henry, Little Emma, and Baby Louis.







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