Canadian 2014 Olympic Score: Day 3

IMG_2112Day 3

Another great day for Canada and our awesome athletes. Twice, I repeat TWICE today we were NUMBER ONE people and we’ll be going into Day 4 with that proud position.

Charles Hamelin raced across 1500 metres of ice to win the Gold.

And, we picked up the Gold and the Silver medals in Men’s Freestyle Moguls, Alexandre Bilodeau won the Gold and Mikaël Kingsbury earned himself a shiny Silver medal.


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2 Responses to Canadian 2014 Olympic Score: Day 3

  1. Hopefully you’ll have to break your piggy bank to keep putting gold up on the board.

    • Chadwick Gendron says:

      Yeah, that’s right. Maybe we should start making a pool for who can guess how much money Team Canada will be worth by the end of the 2014 Winter Olympics!

Put in your two cents...or 3 cents (so we can round it up to a nickel)!